Dry Ice Pellets - Solid carbon Dioxide used in Dry Ice Blasting Cryogenic Cleaning in Irish Industries with Polar IceTechWhat is Dry Ice and How is it used in Cryogenic Cleaning?

Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It is -79°C and is made by pressurising, cooling and compressing gaseous & liquid CO2. It

The Dry Ice we use is made from reclaimed and recycled CO2 therefore is carbon neutral and not harmful to the atmosphere.

Dry Ice is totally moisture free, is non-conductive and non-toxic therefore as a media it is ideal for cleaning sensitive high value assets including electrical equipment, delicate components that are sensitive to abrasive cleaning and surfaces with specific coatings and resins.

What is Dry Ice and How is it used in Dry Ice Blasting Polar IceTech Dry Ice Irish Blasting Specialists How Dry Ice is used in Dry Ice Blasting

1. Kinetic Energy: Dry Ice is accelerated through a compressed stream of air at the speed of sound.
2. Microthermal Shock: The speed and temperature of the Dry Ice Blast causes the primary contaminant to crack.
3. Rapid Gas Expansion: The Dry Ice instantly convert to gas and expands breaking up the already cracked primary contaminant.

The Dry Ice we at Polar IceTech use in all our operations is manufactured in a BRC certified / regulated ( food grade) facility making it ideal for use in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Semiconductor industries. It makes cleaning with Dry Ice an ideal process for cleaning equipment and surfaces including direct product contact surfaces. Learn how Dry Ice Blasting works and Why Continuous Improvement Teams and Enterprise Excellence Teams are using Dry Ice Blasting.

Watch our team remove carbon build up on stainless steel food silos & Conveyor systems with ease.