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Sector Overview

Sector Overview

Dirt, soot, grease, and oil can build up in Oil & Gas facilities, which reduces equipment efficiency and can result in an unsafe working environment.

Dry Ice Blasting is an innovative cryogenic cleaning solution for high value assets, industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, and assembly line equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting works quickly even on thick contaminants such as crude oil. Dry Ice is so cold at -78.5°C that the crude oil freezes, causing it to crack, and so it is easily removed.

Features and Benefits within the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Cold temperature (-78.5°C) of Dry Ice easily dislodges thick contaminants
  • Cleans in-place without disassembly or cool down
  • Non-abrasive
  • Superior quality clean
  • Non-corrosive, no chemicals
  • Dry, moisture free
  • No secondary waste

Suitable Applications (not exhaustive list):

  • Furnace tubes
  • Valves, Piping and other related equipment
  • Tanks / vessels
  • Process equipment
  • Conductors
  • CHP’s
  • HRSG’s economiser tubes
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Heat exchangers / radiators / fin-fan coolers
  • Preparation of welds on process vessels prior to non-destructive testing
  • Boilers, deaerators and other process water-related equipment

Contract Services

Contract Services

Polar IceTech’s eco-friendly Cryogenic Cleaning Solutions are ideal for making the most out of scheduled outages. For nearly 15 years, Polar IceTech have been working with clients in the Oil & Gas industry. Our teams are highly trained to deliver a tailored on-site service to tackle any project with the most efficient, effective and appropriate Dry Ice Blasting technology.

Dry Ice Blasting is suitable for preparing surfaces for re-coating or painting, such as ceilings or production machinery. Complete machines can be easily cleaned without removing the factory paint and made ready for repainting with little or no other preparation. As it is non-abrasive, it causes no damage to underlying surfaces or equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting will effectively remove failing paint and coatings. It does not remove good quality coatings, instead cleaning and decontaminating them to a high standard, ready for touch-up. Keeping high quality paint greatly reduces the scope of work, as removal is often unnecessary.

As the process is moisture-free, it will not contribute to the development of rust and the surface is ready for coating, with no further rinsing or other preparation required.

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As electrical equipment such as distribution boards and motors are in constant use, their maintenance and cleaning can often be neglected. However, if not properly and regularly cleaned, they can become clogged, leading to problems such as inefficiency and fire risk.

Dry Ice Blasting provides a safe, dry, moisture-free, delicate solution for cleaning electrical components. It provides a superior quality clean, and requires little downtime to do so.

Cleaning regularly increases reliability, performance and lifespan and mitigates issues such as fire risk.

A build up of contaminants can reduce efficiency and mask minor problems.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of equipment is necessary to ensure it is free of build up and is operating efficiently. Dry Ice Blasting is the most effective solution for removing thick contaminants such as crude oil.

It cleans to a superior quality, does not produce a secondary waste, does not cause damage to refractory and does not cause acidic damage or caustic etching. As well as this, Dry Ice Blasting cleans equipment in place without need for cool down or equipment disassembly, and can reach intricate cavities.

Dry Ice Blasting results in a superior quality clean that increases equipment efficiency, reliability and lifespan.

With Dry Ice Blasting, heat exchangers, generators, radiator fins, motors, pumps, vessels, drilling equipment and tank batteries are cleaned quickly. It is gentle enough to clean radiator fins on fracking pump trucks, aggressive enough to clean crude oil off of the walls of vessels and effective enough to be able to inspect pipelines or instruments thoroughly. It also promotes better NDT results and wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspections.

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