Medical Device Services

Sector Overview

Sector Overview

In the manufacture of very high tolerance medical device parts, mould micro-cavities and micro-tools must be of the highest standard of clean. Cleaning clamping devices used during the fabrication process and deflashing or deburring final products are equally significant manufacturing issues.

Dry Ice Cleaning achieves a superior quality of clean and has been shown to cut cleaning time significantly in the precision and micro mould industries. As Dry Ice Cleaning is non-abrasive, it does not damage the clamps (eliminating high tooling replacement costs), or microscopic letters, numbers and trademarks moulded into the products.

Features and Benefits in the Medical Device Industry:

  • Reduces replacement tooling costs & product scrap rates
  • Improves product quality and product consistency
  • Helps meet contract specifications
  • Helps meet strict industry standards for cleanliness
  • Non-abrasive – won’t damage claimps, moulds or delicate components
  • No water or secondary waste
  • Clean in-place, no disassembly required
  • Decontaminates
  • Recognised by the EPA, FDA, and USDA as an acceptable cleaning material

Suitable Applications (not exhaustive list):

General Mold and Tool Cleaning

  • Liquid Injection Silicone Molds
  • Thermoplastic Injection Molds
  • Thermoset Injection Molds

Deflashing and Deburring or Parts and Components

  • Medical Stents and Implants
  • Surgical Tools and Instruments
  • Titanium, Stainless, PEEK products
  • Catheter Tips
  • Manifolds

Contract Services

Contract Services

Polar IceTech have been working with Medical Device manufacturers for nearly 15 years, helping them to meet strict industry cleanliness standards. We work with medical device companies who have delicate requirements for cleaning catheter tips, surgical device handles, surgical instrument trays or stents, to cleaning the clamping devices used during the fabrication process. At Polar IceTech, we mobilise teams across the island of Ireland to provide our Dry Ice Cleaning service.

Dry Ice Cleaning uses the latest in cryogenic cleaning technology and is a completely moisture free process working without chemicals, solvents or water. It is ideal for decontaminating and cleaning many applications including process and production equipment, high-value assets, electrical equipment and any moisture-sensitive and abrasive sensitive equipment.

Dry Ice Cleaning provides a safe, dry, moisture-free solution for cleaning electrical components.

The non-conductive properties of Dry Ice Cleaning makes it safe for cleaning inert delicate electrical equipment and components. The gentle, non-abrasive properties ensure no damage is caused to delicate components and screens.

Maintaining product quality and clean manufacturing equipment is of high priority for production facilities in the Medical Device industry.

Dry Ice achieves a superior quality of clean, as it both cleans and decontaminates in one step.

At Polar IceTech, we commissioned independent research to investigate Dry Ice’s decontaminating properties. Using Stainless Steel, Nylon, Ceramic and Slate Steel, it was proved that cleaning with Dry Ice decontaminates against E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria and adjacent surfaces are not cross contaminated. For more, read here.

Equipment Solutions

Equipment Solutions

At Polar IceTech, we are the official partners with Cold Jet throughout the island of Ireland. Cold Jet are the global leaders in manufacturers (OEM) of Dry Ice Cleaning technology with over 30 years of experience and hold the original patent on dry ice blasting equipment.

If you are interested in securing Dry Ice Cleaning technology or wish to discuss any cleaning challenges you may have, contact us today.

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