“There cannot be reliability without cleanliness. When we investigate equipment that fails, the condition in which it is maintained plays a significant role. The exterior and interior cleanliness of the asset as well as the quality of the oil used within it plays a significant role in its performance.”

“How our equipment is cleaned equally plays a role in equipment reliance and sustainability. When we consider how we are cleaning our assets we need to ensure that we are using methods that are not agitating or reinstating the initial problem. We need to question if the method of cleaning will leave a residue and contaminate the oil we’re putting in to it or will is it too abrasive and damage components therefore limiting their lifespan and reliability. Equally we need to consider if the oil we are using is of good clean quality or is there dirt in the oil?”

This is the simple key message anyone considering implementing a reliability programme needs to hear and is a joint message from us here at Polar IceTech and two of the highest calibre service providers in Ireland working with customers on reliability programmes, ARQ Asset Solutions and Fleury Engineering

“Equipment failure can often be catastrophic, depending on what type of equipment it is and who is depending on it. If equipment in power stations aren’t reliable for example, hospitals and critical care centres are without power. Reliability is not about introducing grand plans and creating new procedures and policies. It’s about taking small, relevant steps towards ensuring that the assets we have are in good condition and serviced in a sustainable and conscientious manner. The first small step should always be cleanliness”

We at Polar IceTech are delighted to partner with Fleury Engineering and ARQ Asset Solutions to welcome Reliability Ireland to Cork and to put a spotlight on the importance of reliability and the need for all engineers, and business people, to work from a sustainable perspective.


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