Cork Business Awards 2016 Polar IceTech Winners 2016 Cork R&D Innovation Awards


Polar IceTech Ltd have this week been recognised for their Innovative Environmental Services Work with the Cork Business Innovation Award 2016

Polar IceTech Ltd have this week been announced as winners of the Cork R&D Innovation Award 2016 “in recognition of its outstanding success in the sector”.

Cork business Polar IceTech provide eco-friendly cryogenic cleaning solutions to Industry by using Dry Ice Blasting and have been recognised this week for the ‘exceptional contribution to Industry and the environment’.

Speaking this week, the Chairman of the Judging panel of The Cork Business Awards 2016, Dr. Chris Coughlan said:

“The Cork R&D Innovation Award 2016 seeks to recognises a business in an area that most people may not know much about.  The benefits to the environment and to industry that Polar IceTech offer are exceptional and they need to be congratulated for the niche they have gained in the market and all they are doing to educate customers and potential customers in its services.”

“This award was to recognise a business which excelled in developing top innovative products and/or services and Polar IceTech have proven this with its innovative process of Dry Ice Blasting. The process of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning and the work of Polar IceTech are making significant contributions to Irish industries, saving significant energy, environmental, production and component/equipment replacement costs.”

Speaking about the award, Managing Director of Polar IceTech, Damien McDonnell said he was delighted to have been nominated with the award.

“Dry Ice Blasting is an innovative cleaning solutions that is unrivaled in the current market. There is no other cleaning solution available to large scale industries which are as environmentally responsible as Dry Ice Blasting. The process has proven to significantly contribute to reducing the amount of downtime industries experience or increasing their productivity and equipment efficiency much more than any other process. Polar IceTech are working with industries such as pharmaceutical companies, power generation plants, oil & gas refineries and food & beverage plants to mention to few.

“Dry Ice Blasting is also known as Dry Ice Cleaning, Co2 Cleaning or cryogenic cleaning. As Managing Director of this company, I am thrilled to see that this process is being recognised for the significant contribution it is making to industries all over Ireland – helping to make them more efficient and environmentally-responsible.”

Polar IceTech Ltd have many locations throughout Ireland with headquarters in Cork and Belfast. Full details on how Dry Ice Blasting can benefit industry can be found here on our website or you can follow us on Youtube and Twitter to see how the process works.

The Cork R&D Innovation Award sought to recognise a business which excelled in developing top innovative products or services and was judged by some of Cork’s leading business people. 2016 marks the 10th successful year of the Cork Business Awards and the award ceremony will be attended by over 500 of Cork’s most influential business leaders.