Our new medically validated touchless disinfection service uses a biocide proven to kill bacteria and viruses. In an environment where we as business are tasked with ensuring our workspaces are safe and support optimum human health, we need to be confident that the methods we are using to disinfect are promoters of this. Here are answers to some questions you may have about our new service.

How does this process work?

We apply a silver-stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide at 5% as a biocide using electrostatic spraying or fogging operated by our trained technicians.  The choice of method is dictated by aspects such as scale, geometric complexity, and layout of furniture and fittings.

Electrostatic spray droplets are approximately 30 microns in diameter, and are charged to electrostatic force equivalent to 75 times gravity.  This has the effect of drawing biocide droplets to surfaces, including surfaces that are well beyond the reach of conventional spray systems.

Explain more about the Biocide

The biocide is a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe. Being Hydrogen Peroxide based, the biocide is chlorine and alcohol free. After use, it degrades into water and oxygen as one of the safest forms of disinfection.

The biocide is a highly effective virucide and therefore suitable for combatting COVID-19 Coronavirus. Its efficacy is fully proven under relevant European Norms.

What European Norms were used to verify the efficacy of this biocide?

This biocide has gone under several European EN tests with the ready for use product.  The tests cover bacteria, yeast, fungi, virus, spores and mycobacteria.

The basis of EN14476 is that when a virucide has been proven to be effective against referenced test viruses, it may be deemed to be effective against non-tested viruses.

Why should we choose this method – we have in-house cleaning teams?

If disinfecting or decontaminating from all bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 is your motive, the following four questions should be answered to validate the preferred method:

  1. Is there recognition that the biocide used by the cleaners can kill bacteria and viruses?
  2. Are these operators trained specialist cleaners with experience in doing this kind of cleaning?
  3. Can the works be completed within an acceptable timeline?
  4. Conventional methods can be counter productive – spreading the virus further.

What is meant by ‘verified and certified’?

We offer all our customers the option of validating and certifying the cleaning we have done. If required all works can be completed with a certification of disinfection & validated with both H202 indicators & swabbing (if required, takes minimum of 36 hours for results).

What types of surfaces is this disinfection service most suitable?

This solution is effective on all surface types. There are no corrosive effects during application.

This system propels the disinfectant, the droplets penetrate beyond surface areas including microcracks which are not accessible using conventional means. This solution has a wide dispersion area & will restore a ZERO pathogen baseline.

Is this a wet process?


What is the response time from confirmed work to being onsite?

Currently we are prioritising customers where there are identified COVID-19 carrier and transmission risks. We aim to be onsite within a 4 hour period however this is dependent on what we are working on at that time.

How do the operators protect themselves if cleaning in an infected environment?

Our teams are highly trained specialist technicians and wear appropriate PPE. All surfaces touched by our operators are decontaminated during the disinfection.

What experience do you have to deliver this service?

At Polar IceTech we have been in the cleaning & decontamination business since 1995. We’re proud to say some of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and producers are among our customers.