• Decontaminates
  • Cleans all surfaces
  • Odour removal
  • Non-abrasive process

Fire and smoke can cause extreme damage to buildings and equipment. Dry Ice Cleaning effectively cleans and decontaminates in one step, restoring equipment and buildings after fire and smoke damage. As well as this, it removes the odour that remains after a fire.

Dry Ice Cleaning is suitable for use on:

  • Process and production equipment
  • Electric equipment and components such as wiring, cables, distribution boards etc.
  • All surfaces, e.g. tiles, concrete, steel, glass, wood, plaster and ceramic

Dry Ice Cleaning cleans to a superior quality. It efficiently and effectively cleans and decontaminates, removing soot and smoke contamination from equipment and surfaces. It can also access hard to reach areas, such as tight angles, wiring and around nails.

Odour Removal

A member of the Polar IceTech team Dry Ice Cleaning a smoke damaged ceiling.

The decontamination properties in Dry Ice mean that it immediately removes the smell of smoke that can linger after a fire, which can otherwise be very difficult to remove.

Reduces Downtime

As the process is both fast and effective, downtime and/or displacement is minimised.

No Mess, No Chemicals

Dry Ice sublimates to gas, and therefore does not result in any secondary waste or mess. Therefore, no extra clean up is needed, reducing time and costs associated with waste disposal. Dry Ice Cleaning does not use any chemicals, which can be costly to dispose of.


Dry Ice Cleaning is non-abrasive, therefore it will not cause damage to the structure or the integrity of the substrate.

Dry, Moisture Free

As Dry Ice is dry and moisture free, it is non-conductive, ideal and safe for use on electrical equipment and delicate components, e.g. such as wiring, switches or motors. It can safely and gently clean these to a superior standard.

A smoke damaged surface before and after Dry Ice Cleaning.

At Polar IceTech, we mobilise teams around the island of Ireland to deliver our Dry Ice Cleaning service. We have close to 15 years experience in delivering cryogenic cleaning solutions.